Solo Recording Studios


Studio Recording

Post Production

Mixing / Mastering Music Production

Song Writing and Arrangement



Film Soundtrack Production

CD Backing Tracks

Training / Tuition

Full Length Albums, EPs and Singles

Drum Programming

Live Performance Recording (Price upon request)



£25.00 Per Hour (Standard recording session)

Use of all studio equipment, Producer/Engineer, 2 X Master CD Inclusive





Format Transfers:


CD (Audio)

Vinyl LPs / Singles

Cassette Tape

DCC Compact Cassette

wav/aiff/mp3/m4a/wma/cel/aac/bwf/pcm and many more….

VHS Video Tape (Hi-fi & linear stereo) noise reduction available.

Hi 8mm Camcorder Cassette

VHSC Camcorder Cassette

DAT (Digital Audio Tape)



All formats can be saved to Hard Disk for Mastering or Audio Restoration or transferred direct to CD-R (audio) or to Data CD as one of many digital file formats.

High quality Cassette/DAT also available.


Price upon request

Back-up your old VHS Tapes

Convert your precious home movies to DVD

VHS / HI 8 / VHS-C (Compact Camcorder Tapes)


Up to 2 hours on one DVD (Standard DVD Video Quality).

A basic programme menu is included and the DVD title can be added to the top of the menu.

STRICT QUALITY CONTROL: All transfers are monitored (Video and Audio) ensuring correct sound levels and where appropriate, enhancing the sound quality!



Up to 30 minutes video £10

Up to 1 hour of video £15

Up to 1h 30m of video £20

Up to 2 hours of video £25

Prices include Transfer and 1 DVD with case.


Contact us for a quote, as prices may vary according to your requirements.



*Please note*: DVD-R (recordable DVD) is a convenient format that is compatible with most DVD players made in the last few years, however some older DVD players and even a very small number of newer systems may not play DVD-R or incur some playback difficulties. This is beyond our control, so before booking a transfer please check that your player is compatible with DVD-R. We advise to borrow a DVD-R from someone to try, or you can bring your player along to us for testing with one of our pre-recorded disks

Please store DVD-R away from excessive heat sources and direct sun light.

We can not and will not copy copyrighted material.