Solo Recording Studios



Tascam M-2600 (24 8 2) Vintage Analogue Mixing Console

Mackie Control Digital Automation Universal Mixing Desk


Digital Recording:

Custom built Audio PC, Tri Screen

Multi-track Recording using Steinberg Cubase with a vast range of High Quality dynamic & fx Plug-ins. Other software includes: Wavelab, Reason and more…

Various Software based Plug-in Processors (for example, Waves,Native Instruments & all of the highest quality

Motu 96k/24bit Audio/Midi Digital Interface



We have a wide range of professional Condenser & Dynamic Microphones from:

Beyerdynamic MC834, Audio Technika, Shure SM58, AKG D3800 and more…

LD Reflection Filter


Outboard and Effects:

Digitech Studio Quad Multi-FX

2 x Behringer Multi Gate Processors

Award Session Master direct Recording Pre-Amp

Alesis Midiverb 2 Digital Effects Processor

Roland GS-6 Digital guitar sound system

Behringer Ultragraph FBQ-Pro Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer

Alesis Quadraverb Digital Effects Processor

Behringer Ultragain Pro Tube Mic/Line PreAmp

Art Multiverb Alpha Multi Effects, Pitch Transposer, Sampler

Behringer Composer Audio Interactive Dynamic Processor




Ibenez 6 String Semi Acoustic

Applause Ovation 6 String Semi Acoustic

MG 12 String Acoustic

Honer Arbour 6 String Electric

EKO 12 string Semi Acoustic

Aria Proll 4 String 24 Fret Electric Bass



Yamaha PF80 Full size 88 Key Electric Piano (Touch sensitive, Weighted Keys)

Yamaha SY85 Programmable Synthesizer (Both can be used as Midi Controllers)

Roland SC50 External Sound Bank Module

Korg NS5R External Sound Bank Module


5 Piece Drum Kit (Pre Mic setup)


Other Recorders/Players:

Fostex D-5 Digital Master DAT Recorder/Player

Phillips DCC 730 Digital; Compact Cassette Recorder/Player

Denon DMD-M10 Mini Disc Recorder/Player

Karaoke Recording:

Acoustic Solutions DVD/Video Karaoke Player

2 x Sharp 24 inch Visual Display Monitors

Beyer Condenser Microphone & Sound Reflection Filter

(Thousands of Professional Karaoke Instrumental Backing Tracks Available)


Film Production & Editing:

Custom Built Video Tri Screen PC

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Video editing Software

Adobe Pro editing suete

Sony DVD Architect Mastering Software

Digital High Definition Professional Video Cameras and Accessories

13ft Video Projection Preview Screen with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound